Branding and Visual Identity

Mahriche slide 1

There is a story of Ramayana. Marich Mama assumed the form of a beautiful golden deer, which had silver spots and glowed with many gems like sapphire, moonstone, black jet and amethyst on its body. Maricha began grazing in the vicinity of Rama’s ashram so that Sita would catch a glimpse of him. As rakshasa Maricha entered the forest in the form of a deer. Maricha found Sita collecting flowers and ran in front of her. The golden luster of the deer which was seen by Sita, she impressed and called Rama and Lakshmana to see the spectacular animal.

Sita persuaded Rama to get her the deer, dead or alive. If caught, she said it could be bred as a pet and taken back to Ayodhya; otherwise, its golden hide could be used for making of her blouse. This story connect to our brand. Deer is the symbol of delecateness, Beauty, Gracious. Always attract to human. His beauty specially attract to females. And above story prove that. Sita specially want that Deer for making of her blouse. So we used Deer in our logo. It’s indicates female brand also.

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