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When it comes to accelerating brand growth via digital means, there is a lot that can be leveraged. Effective tools, social media platforms, trending techniques, advanced technologies, and key metrics - all of these aspects contribute significantly to the cause. A well-rounded, error-proof brand strategy is a fine blend of all these pillars.

The path to a solid strategy begins with studying clients’ requirements and tailoring unique strategies that are in line with their vision. Branduo Studio, being a brand strategy company, aims to provide businesses with just that - the ultimate strategy to success. From providing key brand guidelines to building start-up brand strategies from scratch - our team is trained for it all.

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  • Brand Guideline
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Our Process


Understanding clients’ business thoroughly - from their origin to their vision, mission, and growth plans. It also includes research on the industry, competitors, and potential audiences.


Conducting dedicated research sessions on every aspect of the client’s business to explore its true potential in the market and to derive data-based insights.


Creating a detailed questionnaire for the client to verify the information received from their end, and to fill up the possible gaps to better analyze the client's expectations.


Brainstorming to find answers to key questions - which idea will help the brand stand out, which tools are best suited to develop it, and which design direction would bring in quality results.


Sketching serves as a medium where a finalized idea is given a visual form. Each new development of this sketch gives a stronger structure and purpose to the idea.


Translating the approved sketches into a digital form is the most intricate and crucial process in the entire design cycle. It allows teams to precisely measure the potential of the concept.


Showcasing three of the best brand identity concepts on ideal applications to the client. Each concept is supported and represented by creative designs in the presentation.


Proving the client with a comprehensive design package that includes logo source files, collateral designs, and a tailored style guide that the brands can refer to in the future as well.


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