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Our founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein met while leading Engineering teams at Facebook.

Owing to a job done really well, I would like to give 5 on 5 stars to Branduo Studio. The designer that worked on my company logo design was an expert to say the least. While incorporating the ideas that I had in my mind for my business logo, he also added a touch of his own creativity to make it look more polished. I am incredibly happy with the final output. If you are looking for a corporate identity design agency, then we recommend Branduo Studio.
Dhananjay Wagholikar
Co-Founder at Fresh Proposal
The people at Branduo Studio did a fantastic job. I could not be happier with the logo I received. Every step of the process was hassle-free with very little back and forth and the final delivery was made on time. I would highly recommend Branduo Studio, a graphic design company in pune, for anyone who is in need of a high-quality logo at a highly competitive price for their business. Many thanks to Branduo Studio, our business logo creator!
Shamal Badhe
Co-Founder at KnectPro
We had been struggling to curate the right logo for our business and to give it a logo design and brand identity, until a friend recommended Branduo Studio to us. With their professional, quick and affordable service, they designed three excellent logo options for us. Minimal, classic and cleanwe were in love with all three of them. They delivered everything they promised and more well within the time limit. The execution was excellent.
Ankit Madia
Co-Founder at CaseBox
“The digital marketing services by Branduo are a shining example of what an agency should be: dedicated, creative, and a team of professionals who go above and beyond for their clients. They'll consider hundreds of parameters and features to make sure the website's story reflects yours personally!”
Birendrra Yadav
Founer, Samvid Group
Branduo’s work speaks for itself, but the passion of its team members is what really sets them apart. They have an unmatched ability to place clients and their values at the forefront of every project they work on - I've seen this firsthand with my own eyes when working together! Whether it be graphic design or marketing efforts; if there are difficult challenges involved in your business plan then you'll find someone ready, willing & able who will take them head-on because that’s just how they roll: 100% committed until completion no matter what comes next.
Sunil Buchale
Co-Founnder, Inscomont
Branduo offers a versatile service that I have enjoyed working with. From their onsite filming, photography and video creation to editing my own videos in post-production, they are always there for you when it comes time! I'm glad this company specializes so much because if anything changed or needed extra attention then all of the sudden someone will be able to help out quickly without delay which saves us both valuable scheduling hours.
Rahul Madke
CEO Techknomatic
I've been working with Branduo for years. They are true masters and their super deep expertise has always come in handy! If you want the best analytics advice or consulting, I highly recommend Branduo- they'll get your project done quicker than anyone else can do.
Ankur Sud
CEO Changpa
Branduo’s team has a deep understanding of branding and values the client's target audience. They intersect art with practicality, allowing their products to be both functional yet beautiful! The creative skillset is what makes them most valuable: active listening pays off as they drink in everything we say - you can feel heard by these experts who will look after your needs.
Isha Gupta
Founder Mahriche

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