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The Great Indian Kathi Roll


About Project

The taste on the tips of hot and sizzling kebab on the live counter wrapped in Indian Kathi Roll required more than just spicy attention towards it.

The design needed to represent the flavor of taste through eyes that tempt the quality of authentic preparation.

The Great Indian Kathi Roll
Visual Identity
The Brief

A brand offering quality Kathi Roll with live counters that needed to be reflected as identity in the logo design. With a brightness of colours tempting as the taste of the products does of the brand. The icon or initials take the look of the brand to be identified in a limited visual representation.

Our Idea

In this particular option, the font used is Bold yet has a fun character which gives a friendly vibe to the brand Small icon of fire is used to depict freshness and warm food, The word ROLL is incorporated in a kebab format which gives a quirky appeal The overall look of the logo is fresh, young and also would attract our target audience.