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Diabetic Friendly Meals


About Project

A healthy initiative with multiple options for foodie souls and diabetic-friendly meals. A packed meal brings hope for healthy and energetic living with the required nutrition for a better lifestyle.

The design speaking the positivity that food brings into our life in form of energy, taste, and health.

Diabetic Friendly Meals
Visual Identity
The Brief

We want to communicate positivity in the form of the healthy meal we deliver. Creating Nutritionist approved meals and delivering them to the consumer. Bringing hope for Healthier, Happy, Energized Living by creating the needed nutrition for the diabetic community. The transformation is in the form of discovering oneself with a betterment of lifestyle.

Our Idea

Diabetic-friendly meals - the font used is bold and clean which is easily readable. the colour green is used to portray a healthy lifestyle. The leaf is used for the freshness of the product, spoon and fork are used for tasty food and a complete meal. the joining line creates a smile a curve that showcases happiness and satisfaction.